Return Policy

If the client would wish to return any item purchased for whatever reason, he/she may do so by returning the goods at our outlet Greens Supermarket with the receipt. From there on wards the shop return policy will take place, hence by credit note.Greens Supermarket Ltd Return Policy differs from product to product. This is due to the wide range of items that are in stock. Return Policies for fresh products differ from those of the condiments.

For items to be returned to Greens Supermarket Ltd they have to be in their original form, with all original labels and seals attached and intact.

Greens Supermarket Ltd will not accept any perishable products after 3 days of the purchase date and if they are not kept in their respective optimum temperature. Other Products can be returned with 15 days in their original form.

If an item is faulty then we will meet our legal obligations which will be of providing a credit, provided that the item is returned within a reasonable time with proof of purchase.

Credit will be deducted on the next bill done at Greens Supermarket Ltd.
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